Wilderness Music

The idea of music being inspired by nature is nothing new. Classical music has always been inspired by the natural world. Alluding to it, interpreting it, imitating it. But let’s go a step beyond and explore those connections and what they mean. How does classical music relate to the sounds we hear everyday? To the open stage of the great outdoors, to the impending environmental crisis in our world?

This audio piece is an exploration of music in the wilderness. There are no answers. But sometimes just listening can make a difference.
















Thank you to all the people who contributed their voice to the series: (in order of appearance) Denise Von Glahn (Florida State University), Jeff Todd Titon (Brown University), Kathy Kennedy (Concordia University), Jacob Gotlib (Louisville based composer), Allen Anderson (UNC-Chapel Hill), Kaija Saariaho (composer), Aaron Rosenblum (Louisville based archivist and sound artist), Claude Stephens (Facilitator of Outreach and Regenerative Design at Bernheim Forest) Aaron Allen (UNC- Greensboro) Robin Ryan (Western Australian Academy of Performing)


For Highschool/College Students: Teacher’s Guide for Wilderness Music

For Elementary Ages: Music with Leaves. Listen to our Audio For Kidswatch an example video, or buy a guide to playing a leaf. For additional resources for Elementary ages check out wildmusic.org/




Listen to the aeolian bucket!

For All Ages: Build a bullroarer, an aeolian bucket, and more! Warning: you need a very windy open field for the buckets to work!




For Teachers: Read about how homemade instruments can be used in the classroom.

Plus more audio!