Every weekday morning at 10:30 Alan Brandt presents the “Guitar Pick,” a musical selection that features the guitar in some form or fashion. It can be as a solo instrument, in a chamber setting or with orchestra. On Wednesday, Alan played guitarist Giovanni De Chiaro‘s arrangement and performance of Scott Joplin’s Wall Street Rag. An American, De Chiaro made his debut in 1976 at Carnegie Hall. One of his major accomplishments is his transcriptions and subsequent recordings of Scott Joplin’s short piano pieces. Spanning 52 compositions, they were recorded on 4 CD on the Centaur label. The tablature is available as sheet music, by the way!

This week’s other picks:
Fernando Sor – Waltes and Galop, Op. 57 – Adam Holzman
Herbert Baumann – Sonata Capricciosa – Duo Capriccioso
Luigi Boccherini – “Fandango” Guitar Quintet No. 4 – Pepe Romero
Mauro Giuliani – Gran Sonata Eroica – Richard Savino

And for Alan’s ukulele pick of the week, here’s an amazing original song by Krabbers from the UK: