Introduce: show students how to find their heartbeats

Reinforce: take turns clapping different students’ heartbeat

Assess: pass a drum having students perform their steady beat solo then as group

Introduce: practice clapping rhythms of names

Reinforce: try clapping rhythms of other things like characters, colors, or foods

Assess: have students group words based on rhythmic likeness (ta = red, cow, etc)

Introduce: sing nursery rhyme moving prop(s) to follow pitch

Reinforce: have students join with movement, singing, and other nursery rhymes

Assess: give prop(s) to other students to lead or conduct various songs

Introduce: practice making silly sounds to replicate everyday timbres

Reinforce: use onomatopoeia to describe timbres and match onomatopoeia to
specific instruments

Assess: come up with other scenarios that can be recreated using timbre and
have different groups perform (school bus rides, sports games, and much more)

Introduce: show students how to conduct simple 2/4 or 4/4 patterns

Reinforce: shuffle classical music having students conduct steady beats but stop
when it’s not so steady

Assess: give a student leader a baton to perform for the class and they assess if
the student knows when the beats are steady or not

Introduce: match words or phrases to various rhythms

Reinforce: mix and match words or phrases to make a class poem

Assess: have half the class perform poems and the other half perform the rhythms
(on rhythm instruments or body percussion)

Introduce: play or sing a 3 note melody having students respond with movement

Reinforce: pair students to create their own melodies and movements

Assess: have groups perform, and class can help assess if movements match

Introduce: dance to “Cha Cha Slide” instructing students to listen closely to sfx

Reinforce: start a word wall of terms that can be used to describe sfx

Assess: have students create their own “Cha Cha Slide” variations using timbres they choose

Introduce: shuffle popular instrumentals having students lead different dances

Reinforce: circle up and create a dance routine where each student adds a move
done across 4 beats

Assess: perform the routine seeing who can remember each student’s moves

Introduce: dictate rhythms from a popular song

Reinforce: assign rhythms to different groups of students

Assess: perform song accompanying on rhythm instruments playing at right time

Introduce: play or sing simple 2-note melody having students sing back

Reinforce: try 3-note, 4-note, or even 5-note melodies

Assess: have students do a melodic dictation on paper

Introduce: get short stories from school library or homeroom teachers

Reinforce: act out short stories using timbres as foley or sfx

Assess: use written assessments having students “review” performances,
deciding who had the most appropriate sfx or timbres for their scene

The Music Box is an interactive podcast for elementary music classrooms. We use National Arts Standards to focus each lesson on musical objectives for the young learner. Our host, Mr. Arthur, is a certified music teacher, professor, and musician with 10+ years of experience in all grades. From Louisville Public Media and PRX, sponsored by PNC and also made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

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