an interactive podcast for elementary music classrooms
from Louisville Public Media and PRX


Introduce: show students how to find their heartbeats

Reinforce: take turns clapping different students’ heartbeat

Assess: pass a drum having students perform their steady beat solo then as group

Introduce: practice clapping rhythms of names

Reinforce: try clapping rhythms of other things like characters, colors, or foods

Assess: have students group words based on rhythmic likeness (ta = red, cow, etc)

Introduce: sing nursery rhyme moving prop(s) to follow pitch

Reinforce: have students join with movement, singing, and other nursery rhymes

Assess: give prop(s) to other students to lead or conduct various songs

Introduce: practice making silly sounds to replicate everyday timbres

Reinforce: use onomatopoeia to describe timbres and match onomatopoeia to
specific instruments

Assess: come up with other scenarios that can be recreated using timbre and
have different groups perform (school bus rides, sports games, and much more)

Introduce: show students how to conduct simple 2/4 or 4/4 patterns

Reinforce: shuffle classical music having students conduct steady beats but stop
when it’s not so steady

Assess: give a student leader a baton to perform for the class and they assess if
the student knows when the beats are steady or not

Introduce: match words or phrases to various rhythms

Reinforce: mix and match words or phrases to make a class poem

Assess: have half the class perform poems and the other half perform the rhythms
(on rhythm instruments or body percussion)

Introduce: play or sing a 3 note melody having students respond with movement

Reinforce: pair students to create their own melodies and movements

Assess: have groups perform, and class can help assess if movements match

Introduce: dance to “Cha Cha Slide” instructing students to listen closely to sfx

Reinforce: start a word wall of terms that can be used to describe sfx

Assess: have students create their own “Cha Cha Slide” variations using timbres they choose

Introduce: shuffle popular instrumentals having students lead different dances

Reinforce: circle up and create a dance routine where each student adds a move
done across 4 beats

Assess: perform the routine seeing who can remember each student’s moves

Introduce: dictate rhythms from a popular song

Reinforce: assign rhythms to different groups of students

Assess: perform song accompanying on rhythm instruments playing at right time

Introduce: play or sing simple 2-note melody having students sing back

Reinforce: try 3-note, 4-note, or even 5-note melodies

Assess: have students do a melodic dictation on paper

Introduce: get short stories from school library or homeroom teachers

Reinforce: act out short stories using timbres as foley or sfx

Assess: use written assessments having students “review” performances,
deciding who had the most appropriate sfx or timbres for their scene

teachers collaborated
kids recorded
little ears listened