Activities for The Music Box

Fellow Educators,

Welcome to The Music Box, where we combine listening and learning. We invite and inspire kids to listen to and create classical music, making it relevant to their everyday lives. This podcast features voices and input from teachers and students in our community. Please share photos with your class by clicking behind the scenes tabs under each Episode at so that young listeners can see as well as hear kids like them. 

Classical music can connect us with history as well as the world around us. Developing listening skills at a young age is important for learning but also for improving daily interactions. This podcast along with our curriculum can be used in the classroom or by parents at home. Kids already involved in classical music will see things with a new perspective and kids with no previous experience will feel invited into a new world of listening.

Each episode of The Music Box includes an integrated, ready-to-use curriculum aligned to grade-level standards and designed for multiple learning styles and ultimate flexibility. You choose what’s best for your child or classroom.


Download our Teacher’s Guide, our full Music Credits, and print out the handouts below to guide your learning.


Listen to Learn: Play the entire episode from start to finish while students complete our age appropriate Time Traveler worksheet:

Pre-K/Kingergarten Time Traveler Worksheet

1st/2nd Grade Time Traveler Worksheet

3rd-5th Grade Time Traveler Worksheet


Pause to Learn: Use the timestamps on our Pause to Learn sheet to facilitate discussion. The following can be easily adjusted for any grade level.

Pause to Learn Discussion Questions


Learn by Doing: Use the following handouts to guide your final projects. Send your classical music video links to so we can add them to our Time Machine webpage!

Music Video Final Project

Final Project Rubric


Finally, we’d just like to say thank you for listening and sharing. We hope to hear from you and your students soon!
Paul Robinson, Curriculum Designer
Sara Louise Callaway, Producer and Host