An English actress, musician and composer, Madeleine Dring is little known to American audiences. Her compositions are light and eminently approachable. Born in 1923 into a musical family, Dring displayed her musical talent early. Taught at the Royal College of Music, her instructors included Ralph Vaughan Williams, Herbert Howells, and Gordon Jacob. At the same time Dring studied mime and drama.

Dring’s acting career seems to have been for the stage only, as her only credit for TV or movies is as composer for an animated TV show called Little Laura. Many of her stage appearances included her performing her own compositions.

As a composer Madeleine Dring specialized in smaller-scale compositions such as songs, solo piano and chamber works. Her Trio for flute, oboe and piano is one of her most-performed works today.

Please enjoy this performance of the Three Piece Suite for Oboe and Piano by Madeleine Dring: