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Dobrinka Tabakova was born in 1980. But she has gained a huge following and many commissions for compositions in her short time as a composer. Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, her talent was recognized very early. She won the Jean-Frederic Perrenoud Prize of the 4th International Competition of Music in Vienna when she was only 14 years old. Schooled in England, Tabakova was taught by Simon Bainbridge, John Adams, Iannis Xenakis and many others.

Tabakova’s music is definitely tonal. Many of her works utilize long flowing melodic lines, with harmonies reminiscent of early Minimalism. Her music is, at times, atmospheric – creating a mood of longing and nostalgia. There is currently only one compact-disc of Tabakova’s work available, but that will surely change soon.

Enjoy this excerpt of Dobrinka Tabakova’s Dawn: