Week 2: The Unheard on Summer Listening

When you think about all the great classical composers you know they’re probably all men and they’re probably all white- am I right? That’s because throughout the long history of classical music a canon was created – and this canon has mostly left out the music of women and ethnic minority composers. This happened for many reasons but often not for reasons having to do with the quality of their music.

Throughout all of our Summer Listening shows you’ll hear composers of all genders and races, but for this week let’s put a spotlight on some of this amazing music that often goes unheard.

Listen below to our audio activity for kids!


Read about composer Florence Price and Listen to musicologist Douglas Shadle who recently returned from the Florence Price Archives:

A.T. Simpson talks to us about spirituals, African-American composers, and his group the Black Classical Artists of Louisville:

Listen live to our in-studio Unheard recital and see the program here.


Check out Classical 90.5’s African American Voices, our series from 2014 produced and narrated by Daniel Gilliam, with scripts written by John Biewen, production assistance from Robert Johnson and Grace Robertson, and special thanks to A.T. Simpson.