As the summer heats up, any time outside can result in sticky clothing. So, enjoy a playlist that embraces the removal of one’s garments.

In many cases it’s overt – from Satie’s Gymnopedie, which no matter the historic interpretation, always involve nudity, to an unclothed Akhnaten arriving onstage. Occasionally adult – such as Salome’s Seven Veils, and Purcell’s unclothed Syrens inviting King Arthur to join them. More innocent is the bare feet of the nymph in Monteverdi’s madrigal, and a coat being sold in La Boheme. And heavily implied, such as Shakespeare and Morley’s cheeky words. Plus a pianist famed for nude recitals, and a Mozart mass which was the subject of an au naturale dance project.

Colleen is the Music Director and morning host for 90.5 WUOL.