You may have received a new smartphone or tablet device this holiday season, and if you did here are some tips to get WUOL flowing through your earbuds.

NPR Music app on the iPad

1. Download an app:

Android users (non-Apple devices) can download the NPR Music app or click on this link and stream without the app.

iPad, iPhone or iPod users can download the NPR Music app or the Public Radio Player from PRX. You can also use this stream, if you would rather not download an app.

Both of these apps are free. What we like about the NPR Music app are the additional features. You can read stories and features from NPR Music (categorized by genre), you can watch videos and listen to shows all within the app. The Public Radio Player has an alarm clock feature.

2. Make Classical 90.5 a favorite:

In the NPR Music app, tap the radio tower icon, then “Classical” from the menu. Swipe down to “WUOL Classical 90.5” and tap the heart icon.

Public Radio Player

In the Public Radio Player, tap the “State” tab, swipe to Kentucky and tap “Classical 90.5 WUOL Louisville, KY,” then tap the star icon at the top of the screen.

3. Enjoy the music! 

Daniel Gilliam is Program Director and host