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In West Louisville on South 28th street there’s a blue house, walk past it and you’ll hear the faint sound of violins. Go in and you’ll find a Suzuki after school program that’s giving kids a positive activity with clear benefits to their grades and success. But that’s a first glance. Ask a few questions and you’ll quickly learn how deeply important this program is to the individuals involved and their community- just as music should be. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Here are teachers, students, and parents involved in the West End Talent Education Center, also known as WESTEC.


To learn more about the West Louisville Talent Education Center and their current campaign click here.

Music used:
Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Violin Concerto in A major
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Romance
Black Violin: A-flat
Joseph White: Violin Concerto


Bonus Listen – WESTEC’s Station ID for 90.5 WUOL:

Sara Louise Callaway is the Education Programs Manager at 90.5 WUOL and Louisville Public Media.