Instrumental Partners

Instrumental Partners is a refurbishing program where we take gently used instruments, fix them, and give them to schools in need.

We are not currently accepting instrument donations. If you’d like to make a monetary donation to the repair fund, go here.

“Most of the 8th graders started in the 6th grade on the instruments donated to us… The instruments gave them their start.” – Mr. Barton, Band Director


National Arts Standards

MU:Pr6.1.E.5a demonstrate attention to technical accuracy and expressive qualities in prepared and improvised performances of a varied repertoire of music.

MU:Cr3.2.E.IIa share personally-developed arrangements, sections, and short
compositions – individually or as an ensemble – that address identified purposes.

MU:Pr6.1.E.8b demonstrate an understanding of the context of the music through prepared and improvised performances.

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