Instrumental Partners

Instrumental Partners is a refurbishing program where we take gently used instruments, fix them, and give them to aspiring musicians in need.

We are now accepting donations! How can you donate to Instrumental Partners?
Step 1: Fill out the donation form here
Step 2: Wait to receive confirmation email
Step 3: Drop off your instrument at Music and Arts (NOT Louisville Public Media)
Step 4: SMILE! You’ve been instrumental in granting students access to music education!

“Most of the 8th graders started in the 6th grade on the instruments donated to us… The instruments gave them their start.” – Mr. Barton, Band Director


National Arts Standards

MU:Pr6.1.E.5a demonstrate attention to technical accuracy and expressive qualities in prepared and improvised performances of a varied repertoire of music.

MU:Cr3.2.E.IIa share personally-developed arrangements, sections, and short
compositions – individually or as an ensemble – that address identified purposes.

MU:Pr6.1.E.8b demonstrate an understanding of the context of the music through prepared and improvised performances.

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