harmoniahost.jpgFrom the sublime realm of Chant to the passion of an Italian Baroque violin sonata — Harmonia (Sundays at 6am), a weekly  radio program, brings the music of these earlier periods to life for radio audiences, as performers of today cast new light on the music of the distant past. Harmonia is hosted by early music scholar and performer Angela Mariani.Harmonia is a production of WFIU Public Radio in Bloomington, Indiana, in conjunction with Indiana University School of Music’s world-renowned Early Music Institute, with additional technical support from KOHM at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Additionally, Indiana University’s Thomas Binkley Archive of Early Music Recordings enriches Harmonia’s musical offerings. Combining this unique collection of resources with commercial, private and archival material, Harmonia brings historically informed performance to today’s listeners, adding evocative commentary to illustrate, inform and entertain.

WFIU launched Harmonia in October 1991 and began national syndication in 1995. By 2000, Harmonia could be heard on over 150 public radio stations nationwide. Written and hosted by Angela Mariani since 1991, Harmonia welcomed additional writers, Catherine Hawkes and “Vlad” Smishkewych, in 2005.

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