Curriculum for The Music Box

Each episode of The Music Box includes integrated, ready-to-use curriculum aligned to grade-level standards. Our curriculum is designed for multiple learning styles, ultimate teacher flexibility, and encourages deeper learning. From a variety of listening options, to selectable lessons and extensions that incorporate technology and collaboration, to an array of assessments, you choose what’s best for your child or classroom. And with an episode glossary and national standards listed by episode, lesson, and activity, you’ll always know what you’re covering.

Listen to Learn: Play the entire episode from start to finish. Color, take notes, or complete an activity while listening.

Pause to Learn: Use the timestamps on the discussion sheet to pause for conversation and/or complete extension activities.

Learn by Doing: Peruse and choose activities that best suit your needs plus upload your group’s final project!

EPISODE I: The Golden Record

Pre-K – 3rd Grade:

PDF: The-Music-Box-The Golden Record-Pre-K-K-1st-2nd-3rd
DOCX: The-Music-Box- The Golden Record-Pre-K-K-1st-2nd-3rd

4th/5th Grade:

DOCX: The MusiC BOX- The GoldEN RECORD 4th and 5th grade
PDF: The Music Box- The Golden record 4th and 5th grade

Credits: Curriculum design by Paul Robinson, Education Resources by Paul Robinson and Sara Soltau.