Classical Corner

Classical Corner is a popup activity area where you can create music with your family and friends. We have hands-on activities spanning from drum circles and baton making, to orchestra conducting and puppet dance parties. If you’d like to book Classical Corner for your community event please complete our form HERE.

“I loved playing drums at the Classical Corner.” – Allie, 5th Grader

WFPK Waterfront Wednesday is the perfect event to enjoy live music with your loved ones, so we added the Classical Corner to create live music with them too. We work work with DrumSmart, Squallis Puppeteers, Compass Quartet, Speed of Sound Quartet, KMAC, Speed Art Museum, Louisville Folk School, Mom’s Music, Louisville Academy of Music, and many more to provide activities. You can join us at every WFPK Waterfront Wednesday starting at 5:00 PM near the stage but keep up with WUOL on social media to see where else we popup.

National Arts Standards

MU:Cr1.1.2 improvise rhythmic and melodic patterns and musical ideas for a specific purpose.

MU:Re8.1.PK with substantial guidance, explore music’s expressive qualities (such as dynamics and tempo).

VA:Cr1.1.1a engage collaboratively in exploration and imaginative play with materials.

Classical Corner is free and all ages when you sign up at our information booth, but all children must be accompanied by adults. We encourage you to share photos and videos while tagging WUOL and hash-tagging #ClassicalCorner so we can share the joy of music-making with others.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact