Jefferson County Public Schools has 119 orchestra programs, 138 band programs, and 47 choir programs. These 304 programs do not account for how many ensembles exist within them, any extra curricular groups, or the thousands of music experiences provided by partnering arts organizations. Orchestra, Band, and Choir impact countless students all year round, producing many world-class professionals in music and beyond. We asked some of those professionals to give some quick tips for success this school year.


“Sing at least once every day – anything you want, for however long you want – just use your voice and get it out there! Don’t judge or criticize… sing because you can.”

Alexis Paxton, Voice

Choir Director, Louisville Male High School


“When you try something for the first time, understand that you might fail. You must always keep learning so you can succeed. I’m 40 something years old and I still learn something new everyday!” 

Tim Gipson, Percussion

Band Director, Jefferson County Traditional Middle School


“When playing in any ensemble, be just as aware of the music that other musicians are playing as you are of your own part!”

Teddy Abrams, Clarinet

Music Director, Louisville Orchestra


“Scales. I know they can feel like the root canals of practicing, but you’ve gotta learn ’em. Every improvised solo I come up with, every melody I compose, every chord progression I write… want to know where I begin? Spoiler alert: SCALES.”

Allie Summers, Violin / Voice

Allie Summers


“Remember practice is always about quality over quantity!”

Dr. Cecilia Huerta-Lauf, Cello

NouLou Chamber Players


“Practice outside of rehearsal. If singing in a foreign language, find a good translation to help gain understanding of the piece. Practice sight reading! It helps!”

Philip Clemons, Baritone Voice

University of Louisville Collegiate Chorale