The New Meets the Mediaeval

trio mediaeval

The group Trio Mediaeval consists of three women who met and combined their vocal forces in Oslo, Norway. The trio has released an album called Aquilonis which features some music for the Advent season. The album’s repertoire travels from Iceland to Italy, from 12th-century Italian sacred pieces to modern works written especially for the trio’s unique vocal qualities.

Classical 90.5 is featuring Aquilonis as well as other new releases during this holiday season. Enjoy this selection from an earlier recording by Trio Mediaeval:

One Response to “The New Meets the Mediaeval”

  1. On 12/20/14 5:48 PM, Patricia Leonhardt said:

    they sound a lot like The Medieval Babes. my computer plays so slow that the recording was rendered almost awful. despite that, their voices go well together and I hope that you continue to feature their works.