Take Note

What do four teenagers love about classical music? Let them tell you. Phillip Morgan sits down with Colin, Ibosh, Josh and Kayla to listen and talk about their favorite music on Take Note, a new series from Classical 90.5. November 19 & 26, and December 3 & 10, at 10am and 4pm. Produced by Daniel Gilliam and Anita Streeter, engineered by Robert Johnson.

7 Responses to “Take Note”

  1. On 11/21/13 8:30 AM, Bob Halliday said:

    Good idea. It is encouraging and inspiring to hear from young people. How the see and how they form. I look forward to hearing from more of these folks. Thanks. Bob

  2. On 12/10/13 8:06 AM, Matilda Andrews said:

    What a great program. Always refreshing to hear young people’s take. Afterall, this is how the arts continue to inspire generation, after generation. Reminds me to think back to my childhood and music/art memories. Thanks, MWAndrews

  3. On 12/10/13 8:10 AM, Robert Simpson said:

    These young musicians are such an inspiration! I hope more times of sharing will follow!

  4. On 12/10/13 1:28 PM, Lana Lindsey said:

    What a wonderful way to learn about young musicians being inspired by beautiful music. Louisville is so supportive of young people in the Arts and it changes the course of their lives. Let’s hear more like this! Bravo!

  5. On 12/11/13 9:41 AM, Dale McAbee said:

    I listened to all four and they are fantastic. I was inspired by all of the young artists but Ibosh’s words moved me deeply. He is a young man who feels passionately the inner life of the music. And to connect it to his Russian ancestry and his nostalgia for his home was revelatory. Congratulations to Anita Streeter and Phillip Morgan on this remarkable program that I hope can become a regualar feature on WUOL.

  6. On 12/11/13 1:42 PM, Barbara Collins said:

    The insightful comments from these young people are awesome .
    I look forward to hearing from more students in the near
    future. Hey, I even learned new things from them.
    Great job….more please. BC

  7. On 12/11/13 7:03 PM, Barry Bernson said:

    Bravo, Philip, Anita and WUOL!!!
    This is vital, important stuff.

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