Take Note

We give a voice to young classical musicians in our community. Take Note is a series of original audio featuring students, teachers, and our local community! What do they love about classical music? Let them tell you. Sara Soltau visits schools and community groups and Phillip Morgan sits down with local teenagers to listen and talk about their favorite music on Take Note. Produced by Daniel Gilliam, Sara Soltau, and Anita Streeter, engineered by Robert Johnson. Listen to them all below!

Hear what piece hooked these teens on classical music:

Hear kids, teachers, and community from our outreach visits:

Hear where our past Young Artist Competition winners are now, and how they got there:

Hear behind the scenes of the radio show From The Top, where the High School soloists went into 4 local schools in Louisville:

Hear these interviews with youth who love classical music: