Inspiration from Shakespeare


Tchaikovsky was a Shakespeare fan. If you don’t believe it, just consider the number of his works inspired by the Bard: Romeo and Juliet Overture-Fantasia, Hamlet Overture-Fantasia, Incidental music to Hamlet, and The TempestFantasia.

Shakespeare has always inspired composers, including Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Britten and Thomas Adès.

Tchaikovsky’s The Tempest was suggested by Vladimir Stassov. He gave Tchaikovsky an outline of the play, that served as the musical narrative. Tchaikovsky’s music evokes a stormy sea, the love between Miranda and Ferdinand, and the magic of Ariel.

Watch Gustavo Dudamel talk about his recording project featuring the Shakespearean works of Tchaikovsky, and don’t miss Kentucky Shakespeare’s performances this summer!

Free Shakespeare, a Mystery and Naked Boys Singing


Erin Keane is back with free Shakespeare, “Sonnets, Scenes, Soliloquies” at Memorial Park, a serial play from Theatre 502 that you can catch on the Trolley Hop and another provocative Pandora production.

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Something Rich, and Strange

The Tempest (2003) is this Saturday’s opera, and comes from British composer Thomas Adès and produced by Robert Lepage. Here’s an excerpt from the production. Listen to the entire opera starting at 1pm.