Lots of New Music

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There is a whole lot of new music happening this week and next. Brace yourself:

Let’s start with this Sunday, November 10th. Classical Revolution Louisville continues its series at The Bard’s Town with “Home Grown.” From their Facebook page: “Come on out to the Bard’s Town for some electric strings featuring our opening ensemble Electric String Fusion. Followed by chamber music by American composers including Copeland [sic], Gershwin, Williams, as well as modern composers and local composer Frank Richmond. There are also slots in the program for “performers choice” sight reading or prepared music brought in by musicians.” Sunday starting at 7pm.

Next week, University of Louisville presents the New Music Festival. This annual event packs five days with as many ensembles and composers possible, from electronic to large ensemble. Brett Dean is this year’s guest composer and the most recent Grawemeyer winner. He’s not just showing up to lecture, he’ll perform some of his viola works, too. The complete schedule is here and a summary below. All events are free.
11/13: Electronic and Improvised Music at Bird Recital Hall. Dean will perform an improvisation for viola and two computers with Vega and Krzysztof Wolek, New Music Festival director
11/14: Elysian Trombone Consort and Faculty Chamber Music. Dean will perform his piece, “Intimate Decisions,” for solo viola and The Elysian Trombone Consort will perform Dean’s “Night Journey.”
11/15: The University Wind Ensemble will premiere Dean’s “Engelsflügel.”
11/16: The Grawemeyer Players will perform Dean’s “Winter Songs” and Dean will perform his “Viola Concerto” with the University Symphony Orchestra.
11/17: Percussion Ensemble and Choirs will perform and Dean will play his piece “Skizzen fur Siegbert” for solo viola.

And on November 17th at 3pm, Indiana University Southeast presents acclaimed ensemble Third Coast Percussion. Fresh from the release of their premiere audio and video recording of Augusta Read Thomas’ Resounding Earth, they’ll present a free concert of Reich, Cage, Owen Clayton Condon and Resounding Earth in its entirety.

Controversial Art, Le Petomane and NuLu

Le Petomane presents Test Subjects at The Bard’s Town, NuLu celebrates on Saturday, and Erin Keane finds some local art controversy in this edition of Artsbreak.

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Featured Album: Beck String Quartets

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Louisville composer Jeremy Beck‘s fifth CD release, “String Quartets,” is our Featured Album. His music has been described as “unabashedly tonal, rhythmically intricate” and “warmly melodic and colorful with unexpected harmonic twists.” Performing his 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th quartets are the San Gabriel (Los Angeles), Nevsky (St. Petersburg) and Da Kappo (Louisville) String Quartets.

Closing Weekends for Two Strong Productions – Artsbreak With Erin Keane

AncientColony-402x460Theatre 502 and The Bard’s Town offer two strong productions this weekend, but they’re closing, so go see them before they’re gone. Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft presents “The 7 Borders,” and Erin gives us her thoughts on the recent naming of the Speed Art Museum’s new executive director.

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Artsbreak with Erin Keane

The Rambler

The Rambler

This week’s episode features new works at the Flyover Film Festival, American one-acts at Savage Rose, and new art at Jewish Community Center.

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