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Look what a difference your donations have already made in schools like Jacob Elementary. Thanks to Ben Sollee for helping us spread the word about the good you can do in our community by supporting Classical 90.5 and Instrumental Partners. Go to to see how you can help kids in our community get the tools of the trade. Everyone deserves the opportunity to play music.

Classical 90.5 Donates 44 Brand New Instruments


Louisville, Ky. (November 19, 2015) — Louisville Public Media (LPM), with generous support from the Robert and Clarita Whitney Fund and PNC Wealth Management, has donated 44 new band instruments to Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) students through its Instrumental Partners Program. The value of the instruments is more than $17,000.

The instruments will be distributed to students at Jacob Elementary, Western High School, Doss High School and the Phoenix School of Discovery. The program has already donated 63 refurbished instruments to JCPS in 2015.

Western sophomore Jasmine Gibson received a new clarinet. Jasmine, a student in Western’s Early College Program, has played the clarinet for six years and performs in the Western band.

“When I requested an instrument, I honestly thought it would be ignored,” Jasmine said. “For me, music is a door to self expression. Now, I’ll be able to practice more frequently and improve my skills for a future musical career.”

“Instrumental Partners has been an integral part of our organization’s identity. We don’t just play classical music — we give back to the community,” said LPM Director of Radio Daniel Gilliam. “We are thrilled that the Robert and Clarita Whitney Fund acknowledge this mission and are grateful for their financial support.”

Instruments distributed:
• Jacob Elementary School received 30 violins.
• The Phoenix School of Discovery received four clarinets and a trumpet.
• Western High School received three trumpets, three clarinets, and a tuba.
• Doss High School received a bass clarinet and a euphonium.

About the Instrumental Partners Program
Since 2003, the Louisville Public Media Instrumental Partners Program has placed more than 600 instruments in the hands of students in our community, allowing hundreds of children to participate in school music opportunities. The program collects gently used band and orchestra instruments, has them refurbished and then donates the instrument back to students in need. Studies continue to show that music listening, performance and lessons improve our language, communication and problem-solving skills, benefits that Louisville Public Media hopes all students in our community can experience. Charles Brinson, a tenth grader at Shawnee High School, describes what playing an instrument has meant to him here.

The donation of instruments is made possible by Louisville Public Media’s Instrumental Partners Program, with generous support from the Robert and Clarita Whitney Fund and PNC Wealth Management. Special thanks to the Community Foundation of Louisville for their support.

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Urgent Need: Donate Your Instrument


We need your help.

Jefferson County Public Schools currently has an urgent need for band and orchestra instruments. There are students in our community that want to play music at their school, but don’t have an instrument.

Donate your gently-used instrument to Classical 90.5’s Instrumental Partners – we’ll repair it and put back into the schools. Call (502) 814-6500 for more information or drop off your instrument here at 619 South Fourth Street.

Instrumental Partners is sponsored by PNC Wealth Management.

Instruments Made of Trash

This remarkable story should give anyone pause and perspective.

Landfill Harmonic film teaser from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.

Over the years, we has asked for your gently-used instrument donation through our Instrumental Partners program. If you have an orchestra or band instrument, drop it off here at Louisville Public Media, 619 S. Fourth St., in downtown Louisville. We also accept financial contributions to fund the repair of the instruments. Find out more by calling (502) 814-6500.