Open Studios, Classical Revolution & Ephemeral Art

Courtney Kessel's "In Balance With." Credit Courtesy of Courtney Kessel

Ever wonder what a painter or sculptor’s studio is like? This weekend is your chance to see Louisville (and surrounding areas) artists work space. You can also experience Ephemeral Art (it won’t hurt), and hear some American music, new and old, at The Bard’s Town with Classical Revolution.

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Controversial Art, Le Petomane and NuLu

Le Petomane presents Test Subjects at The Bard’s Town, NuLu celebrates on Saturday, and Erin Keane finds some local art controversy in this edition of Artsbreak.

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Absurd comedy and new art

On this week’s Artsbreak, Savage Rose presents the French-Absurdist comedy, The Bald Soprano, with a new, updated translation at The Bard’s Town (read Erin’s in-depth story here). The 7 Borders closes at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and Swanson Contemporary Gallery presents new art from Jacob Heustis.

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Exploring Music: Get the Picture

Isle of the Dead, 1886, Arnold Böcklin

Inspiration can come in many forms, from literature, nature, world events and the visual arts. This week on Exploring Music, it’s the pictures that inspired the music from Renaissance masters to modernists. Below are some of the paintings that we’ll “hear” this week at 7pm. (Image above: Isle of the Dead, 1886, Arnold Böcklin)

Closing Weekends for Two Strong Productions – Artsbreak With Erin Keane

AncientColony-402x460Theatre 502 and The Bard’s Town offer two strong productions this weekend, but they’re closing, so go see them before they’re gone. Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft presents “The 7 Borders,” and Erin gives us her thoughts on the recent naming of the Speed Art Museum’s new executive director.

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