Submit Your Music

Classical 90.5 WUOL is committed to broadcasting recordings from performances in Kentucky, both in our daily programming and in produced programs, like Kentucky Center Stage, Saturdays at 6pm. We want to include your best performances for our audiences, and help promote the work you do.

PLEASE NOTE: For the purposes of this program, we are only looking for performances in Kentucky.

To do this, we need more than a high-quality recording. Here’s a short checklist to help us broadcast your recording:

1. High-quality recording. This can be a recital, concert or studio recording. Please do not send cassette tapes, DAT or low-fidelity mp3 or other compressed audio files. You do not need to edit applause or ambience (crowd noise). Send us your best performances, and we’ll let you know if the recording quality meets our standards.

2. Program , with any encores. We have to know what you’re playing on the recording. You can send a PDF or Word doc of the program. This should also include all performer names and instruments (not necessary for choral recordings). If you play an encore, please include the title(s).

3. High-resolution photo/headshot. Something current would be best. We use our website to talk about you and the broadcast, and websites look better with great pictures.

4. Your website, email and upcoming concerts. We want to promote you, and would hope that someone who listens to the broadcast can find out how to support/hire you. Make it easy for us and them to do this.

If you’re available, and willing, we would also like to interview you and use portions of the interview in the broadcast.

Once we’ve agreed on a recording, there will be a short release form that simply states you give permission to WUOL to broadcast your recording.

If you own the copyright to the music and/or recording, we would be more than happy to make it available online for on-demand listening. This gives you the maximum exposure to our audience and the world.

You can mail the above items to:

Daniel Gilliam
619 S. Fourth St.
Louisville, KY 40202

Or you can email us to work out delivering your files digitally.