Live Streams

WUOL Classical 90.5 offers multiple streaming options:

If you click on the play button above and music doesn’t start:

  • Choose either the 128k or 24k stream options above; OR
  • Paste one of the two URL’s below into your media player or iTunes

In iTunes, click on the “advanced” tab at the top of the window and select “open stream” and paste link. In QuickTime, click on “file” and on “open URL” and paste link.

Mobile/Dialup Users: If you experience frequent dropouts using our 128k stream, we recommend our 24k stream.

8 Responses to “Live Streams”

  1. On 04/3/13 7:48 PM, Lacy Thomas said:

    LOVE this sensual harmony of voices and instruments.

  2. On 07/8/13 2:34 PM, Art said:

    Name of selection is neither shown on this page correctly, or in the player window at all.
    Programming help needed apparently….

  3. On 07/8/13 2:39 PM, dgilliam said:

    If you click on the “Now Playing” box, the playlist pops down, but we are working on the pop-out player. Our programmer is working on the fix.

  4. On 07/8/13 8:18 PM, Art said:


    I like your selections, but often haven’t the time to research what is playing

    “The way taxes are, you might as well marry for love.”

    Art Lammens

    Office Phone 714-990-1136

    Cell Phone 714-595-1907

  5. On 08/19/13 10:24 AM, Gary Welch said:

    Alan, the mechanical orchestra is in Columbus, Indiana , in Bartholomew County, on 4th St. The name of the ice cream parlor is Zaharako’s. Thanks for a great station, and best wishes to all of you. Gary Welch, North Vernon, Indiana.

  6. On 11/21/13 11:37 AM, Theresa Thompson said:

    Please remove the obnoxious advertisements from this website! Nothing ruins the soaring melody of a Ralph Van Williams symphony, like the sudden interruption of an advertisement for Stove-Top stuffing!

    Theresa Thompson

  7. On 11/21/13 2:03 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    Hi Teresa,
    We do not have ads that interrupt the music, from Stove-Top Stuffing or anything else. The only ads are the tiles to the right of our website and on the pop-up player. You’re most likely getting pop-ads from elsewhere on the internet or your computer.

  8. On 01/30/14 10:03 AM, Bill and Maurine Klimt said:

    We live in NYC but are subscribers’s and have
    your wonderful soundstream on all long feeding
    from compouter into our high end sound system,
    fabulous sound and it is so good to hear so much
    wonderful British contemporary music, love it!
    Also, that you play many recordings by the World’s
    Greatest Orchestra the Royal Concertgebouw.
    Keep on with your wonderful programming, there’s
    nothing like it here in NYC.

    Bill and Maurine Klimt

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