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  1. On 07/16/13 5:58 AM, TJ Larson said:

    I can’t find a “now playing” playlist on the WUOL website. Seems all to be archives, yesterday and older. Can you tell me how to find the currently playing item on the site?

  2. On 07/18/13 4:49 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    TJ, the current song will normally show up in the blue bar between the hours of 9am and 5pm (weekdays). For other times of day go here:

    I know it seems weird, but we’re working to get all the Now Playing in one place. More complicated than it seems (or should be).

    Thanks for your patience.

  3. On 07/22/13 10:03 AM, Sheldon Rein said:

    Please advise how to access Playlist. I enter 7/22/2013 7:20AM and then I click GO. Nothing happens. How do I discover the composer and number of the piano concerto that was playing at 7:20AM?

  4. On 07/24/13 5:43 AM, James Flynn said:

    On Tuesday, between 5:30 and 6:30 you played a section of a disk with the SANCTUS of a Mass – I don’t remember the author, but I think it had something about “Spheres”. It was so beautiful.

  5. On 07/25/13 11:52 AM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    For music that isn’t played between 9am and 5pm, you can search the playlists here: (Note these listings are in Central Time)

  6. On 08/6/13 11:24 AM, Sheldon Rein said:

    At about 7:20AM August 6, I heard Emmanel Ax perform with the Cleveland quartet. Can you advise the composer and name of the piece? The piece is not listed on the web site–

  7. On 08/8/13 11:11 AM, Brian Thompson said:

    What have you done to the search/playlist feature on this website? I visit every so often to look up music I’ve heard on the station. I’ve found with this visit it’s impossible to find, even get to a couple of pieces I heard in the last 24 hours. It seems like everytime you change this feature it gets more difficult to use instead of easier. Anyway, maybe I need some special instructions to find what I,m looking for. The first was approximately @8:10 on 8/7/13, the other 7:34 on 8/8/13. Thanks for any help you can provde.

  8. On 08/10/13 6:03 PM, Joe Scheirich said:

    Your web site is totally useless.

    At 6:00 pm this evening I attempted to find out what opera was played today (Saturday Aug. 10)

    Totally impossible!

  9. On 08/11/13 11:21 AM, Philip Boggs said:

    Why are the times of the track selection published in central time? And does it take into account DST? Last I checked Louisville is in the eastern time zone.

  10. On 08/15/13 3:11 PM, Acton Ostling Jr said:

    I, too, have had the same troubles trying to use the new Playlist format compared with the previous one. Today, no matter what I do, I cannot get it to go anywhere except the current day. Even when I type in yesterday’s date in the Search Playlists bar, it takes me all the way back two months with a date not even resembling the one I typed in. It seems glitches need adjustment. If this continues, I would suggest going back to the previous format. It may not have been as “fancy” in terms of visual appeal, but it was far better if you were looking for full information.

  11. On 08/18/13 2:29 PM, Jenny Snyder said:

    I cannot find anything other than the current day’s playlist. This is MUCH less useful than the previous version. I always listen in my car. So, I do not always catch the composer, name of selection, etc. The only info I have is the date and time the selection was on the air. This site does not allow searching by those criteria. I am definitely irritated that the playlist history is now useless.

  12. On 08/19/13 6:44 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    Hi Joe, All of our opera listings are here:

    As always, if you have a question you can email

    Thanks for listening!

  13. On 08/19/13 6:59 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. First, an apology for how frustrating using the playlist can be. Here’s a brief explanation as to why the playlist doesn’t work as well.

    Believe it or not, our new website is not in anyway related to the playlist issues. The problem is with the software that pushes our playlist to the website, which is provided by NPR Digital Services. At this time, this is the only product available that shows “Now Playing” and playlist history (however limited, at times) and also helps us file our quarterly Sound Exchange reports.

    Sound Exchange works with all the rights organizations (like ASCAP) to ensure that royalties are paid to the performers and composers. This is a cumbersome process that (with our limited staff) makes this process much easier.

    Another issue is when we broadcast our satellite service, Classical 24 (late evening, overnights, early morning and weekends). Classical 24 is not currently using this system that many other radio stations are using. This means that when they play something, it will not show up in our “Now Playing” window.

    We are communicating daily with NPR Digital to try and resolve these playlist issues (we are as frustrated as you are) and, in some cases, we send them your comments left here and sent via email (you can always email studio at wuol dot org if you have a question).

    We are doing all we can to deliver the best service through this website, but I do realize it falls short right now. Bear with us and email us when you have questions. Thank you!

    Daniel Gilliam
    Program Director

  14. On 09/9/13 11:26 PM, Matilda said:

    I see from the comments that you are having problems with play list accessibility, but I am wondering if you would be able to fill in the gaps, perhaps via e-mail, for my students and I? I teach Music History courses at UofL and one of the first assignments for students is to listen to one hour of WUOL. Part of the assignment requires them to have the playlist, which has never been much of a problem in the past. The assignment is not as a great of a success if the don’t know what they are listening to, and they are never able to catch everything the announcers say. Will you answer e-mail requests for playlist info if that info is not available here?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Matilda Ertz

  15. On 09/10/13 3:23 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    Hi Matilda,
    We’re always more than happy to help! Email us or call (502) 814-6500.
    Thanks for making us a part of your students learning.

  16. On 10/20/13 9:27 PM, Stephen Reinhardt said:

    Trying to find a symphonic work played around 9P on Sunday, October 20th….Rainbow Body? Atlanta Symphony. Sounded like, perhaps, an Eastern European composer? Sounded fairly contemporary. Thank you. BTW, tried to search your playlists, and site did not respond to search.

  17. On 10/21/13 3:11 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    Yes, that was Rainbow Body. Sorry you have trouble with the playist. There are some helpful tips in the comments above.

  18. On 10/23/13 11:19 PM, Jacob Evans said:

    Hi. I am having a hard time searching through the new playlist/program listing, and wondered if someone could help. A song was played this morning, 10/23, around 8:45a (it probably started just a bit before this). I didn’t catch any details from it, I just now that it featured vocals, with the sopranist being noted by the host afterwards. I made a note to look this up on the site and buy it, but can’t find it. Thanks.

  19. On 10/24/13 10:59 AM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    You heard: Traditional Catalan – El mestre (The Schoolmaster)
    Arianna Savall, mezzo-soprano
    Petter Udland Johansen, voice and Hardanger fiddle
    Sveinung Lillehier, guitar
    Miquel Angel Cordero, double bass
    David Mayoral, percussion
    ECM 2227

  20. On 11/12/13 1:39 PM, john krueger said:

    ….well, ok! simply take down the “playlist” link, test it offline, and when its ready (not sooner) put it out live….

  21. On 11/23/13 8:52 AM, A Listener said:

    Hi. I’m looking for the name of a piece played Fri, 11/22/13 at around 4:40 pm. It sounded like a harp playing, and was very slow and dreamlike. I didn’t catch the name on air, and I’m having trouble finding it in the search function. Any help is welcome. Thank you.

  22. On 11/25/13 9:49 AM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    We played Ravel’s La Valse. Is that it?

  23. On 11/26/13 6:33 PM, A Listener said:

    Ah, I found it. It was Erik Satie – Trois GymnopĂ©dies.

  24. On 12/1/13 8:55 PM, chris said:

    I’m having an issue searching the playlist, I enter the time and date (12/1/2013) 8:00PM and click search but nothing happens. Is the search broken? Its only showing stuff from 4 days ago. Where did the old playlist history from the old site go? I’m trying to find what was played at that time.

  25. On 12/14/13 5:46 PM, Jim Francis said:

    I see from comments that you are having playlist problems. Aside from the mechanics, I hope you’re aware that the content is not very helpful. Right now, the Cleveland orchestra is playing “Violin Concerto”. Isn’t that just a bit vague, for a classical music station? (Yes, it’s a very familiar piece, and I should recall the composer immediately – but I can’t.)

  26. On 01/17/14 9:09 PM, Jim Francis said:

    ??? The playlist bears no resemblance at all to what’s being played. Whassup? Different station?

  27. On 01/27/14 12:05 PM, Justin Shaffer said:

    Me and the girls were loving the Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61! Thanks Alan!


  28. On 02/13/14 5:45 PM, Kathy Dennis said:

    Einojuhani Rautavaara
    Cantus Arcticus, Op. 61 (Concerto For Birds And Orchestra)

    My husband and I are birders. This morning, we were at Ashland Park, across the river, looking for some of the rare far northern birds that are wintering with us this year. Coming over the bridge, I thought I heard birds. Through Spaghetti Junction, I kept hearing birds. Finally we decided it must be the radio – WUOL 90.5. What a surprise! I didn’t know anyone had ever used real bird calls in music!!

  29. On 02/26/14 12:55 PM, David Logsdon said:

    Just wanting to know what was playing at 11:50 AM on Wednesday, 02/26/14. Sorry – but I could not determine how to find this info via your website.

  30. On 03/13/14 3:09 PM, Demo Johns said:

    Try as I might…I just needed the name of the aria from Marriage of Figaro played about 10:45-11:15 on morning of13 March 2014………..and try as I mat in the “Playlist” search, everything including Gilliam’s suggestion to go to the huge web site I could NOT even get a “smidgin” of Mozart in the time slot WUOL which I was listening to, Finally called the station…talked to qa sweet volunteer, and she looked and asked two times ,called me back two times…NO HELP. (I think she may have known who Mozart was!)……anyway same complaint as the ones above….could not determine how to find info from web site or personal telephone calls!! Ya think Obamacare callers have this same prpoblem with their insurance calls??

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