Roll Credits

Lynne Warfel

It’s not as gaudy or expensively produced as much of the fine Oscars-related programming available on your TV or mobile device. But through our economical medium of radio, Hollywood Outsiders Lynne Warfel and Bill Morelock will offer up a month of film scores from Oscars new, recent and vintage on “Roll Credits.”

Says co-host Lynne Warfel, “It’s great to be back to celebrate John Williams’ 48th Oscar nomination. And it looks as if a recitation of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural over Mr. Williams’ music will easily fit into the news window! Not a promise, just a thought.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Warfel’s co-host grudgingly concedes a considerable fascination with current motion pictures. “I admit that color and stereo sound have their charms,” Mr. Morelock says in a letter typed on a forty-pound Royal upright, “But what concerns me is whether we can find a recording of Herbert Stothart’s Oscar-winning score for “Random Harvest (1942).”

Roll Credits begins a four-week run, starting Monday, February 4 at 8pm.