The Music Box

THE MUSIC BOX  is a podcast for children to play, explore, and learn about music. Season I carries you into classrooms, across the city, and out into the field where we ask what is music and how do we make it. Season II uses interaction similar to children’s television shows where hosts and guests break the fourth wall to immerse listeners in music-making. Every episode explores a musical concept through national core arts standards: creating, performing, responding, and connecting. We’ll dig into Louisville’s incredible and varied music scene to talk with musicians from all genres and disciplines. Each episode will also come with activities and curriculum for teachers. Cohosted and produced by Jecorey Arthur and Tara Anderson, two classically-trained musicians who have a wide range of experience in teaching, performing, reporting, and producing.

Season I

Podcast Preview and Introduction


Episode I: The Golden Record

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Episode II: Superheroes and Time Machines

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Episode III: Meet a Composer! with Rachel Grimes

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Episode IV: Homemade Music

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Season I

Credits: Produced, recorded, and hosted by Sara Louise, Educational Resources by Paul Robinson and Sara Louise Callaway, curriculum design by Paul Robinson, photography by Tyler Franklin, recording assistance by Anne Gauthier, narrated with help of Kentuckiana students and teachers and experts from near and far.

Season II

Hosted and Produced by Jecorey Arthur and Tara Anderson


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