The Music Box

THE MUSIC BOX  carries you into classrooms, across the city, and out into the field where we ask what is music and how do we make it. We’re taking classical music out of the box and giving you the inspiration and tools to compose your stories into music. The Music Box is complete with ready-to-use activities integrating core grade-level standards.

Target audience: Pre-K through Elementary School classrooms, families, and the forever curious.

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Podcast Preview | Episode I | Episode II | Episode III + more in the works!

Podcast Preview and Introduction


Welcome to the Music Box! This is an educational podcast that integrates classical music with the world around us. Classical music is the largest genre of music and connects our history to our present day. This podcast along with our curriculum can be used in the classroom or by parents at home. Kids already involved in classical music will see things with a new perspective and kids with no previous experience will feel invited into a new world of listening.


Episode I: The Golden Record

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Somewhere out in space there floats a golden record… Listen to the 2nd grade class at Lincoln Elementary school as they explore classical that’s way out there, like past the Oort cloud out there. That’s right, there are symphonies floating in interstellar space just waiting to be heard. How? Find out in our opening episode where it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever heard classical music before, or even music, or even live on planet earth! Listen, learn, and then upload your own golden records for outer space.


Episode II: Superheroes and Time Machines

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Instruments that can talk?! Mozart as a super hero?! An old time machine in the back of the UofL music library?! How did this craziness happen? Oh ya, we let the 4th grade orchestra write the script… and it’s great! What exactly is classical music, we ask. Well, answers are always more complicated than we hope but it’s worth the ride. Hop on but make sure you buckle up and have your signed permission slip!

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Episode III: Meet a Composer! with Rachel Grimes

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Rachel Grimes is a composer from Carroll County, Kentucky. The ukulele class at Harmony Elementary interviewed her about what it’s like to be a composer today. Listen and you’ll learn that you can be a composer too! Sometimes you just need to start small. Just like you can build cities out of legos you can build symphonies out of just a few notes.

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Episode IV: Homemade Music

Listen I Activities

Don’t have an instrument? Don’t you worry! Sometimes all you need is a leaf to make beautiful music. Listen to our final episode of Season I and get inspired to make you’re own homemade instrument. We have special guests from the 1st grade music class at KCD plus we’ll hear from experts Dr. Aaron Allen from North Carolina and Dr. Robin Ryan all the way from Australia!

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Season I

Credits: Produced, recorded, and hosted by Sara Louise, Educational Resources by Paul Robinson and Sara Louise Callaway, curriculum design by Paul Robinson, photography by Tyler Franklin, recording assistance by Anne Gauthier, narrated with help of Kentuckiana students and teachers and experts from near and far.



Season II

Hosted by Jecorey Arthur

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