The Music Box

“I got to play a drum and even a piano! The game we played made me laugh so much! Are we going back soon?” – Pierce, Preschooler


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The Music Box is a music education resource hub complete with interactive podcasts, printable lesson plans, movement activity videos, behind-the-scenes with musicians, and more!


We work across the Metro Louisville area and surrounding regions to record our podcast episodes.


We record episodes during the school day.


The Music Box is made by and for teachers to empower them to be the best educators they can be.

These are some of the National Arts Standards met through the Music Box:

MU:Cr1.1.K improvise rhythmic and melodic patterns and musical ideas for a specific purpose.

MU:Pr6.1.2 perform music for a specific purpose with expression and technical accuracy.

MU:Pr6.1.5 perform music, alone or with others, with expression, technical accuracy, and appropriate interpretation.


The Music Box is free for all users. We make content targeted for elementary grades K-5. We encourage you to share photos and videos while tagging WUOL and hash-tagging #MusicBoxPod so we can share the joy of music-making with others.

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Podcast Preview and Introduction


Episode I: The Golden Record

Listen | Interact | Activities | Behind the Scenes

Episode II: Superheroes and Time Machines

Listen | Interact | Activities | Behind the Scenes

Episode III: Meet a Composer! with Rachel Grimes

Listen | Activities | Behind the Scenes

Episode IV: Homemade Music

Listen I Activities

Credits: Produced, recorded, and hosted by Sara Louise, Educational Resources by Paul Robinson and Sara Louise Callaway, curriculum design by Paul Robinson, photography by Tyler Franklin, recording assistance by Anne Gauthier, narrated with help of Kentuckiana students and teachers and experts from near and far.