Lost Mozart Works Discovered

Mozart beim Komponieren / J.Bueche - Mozart Composing / Ptg. J.Bueche / c.1880 - Mozart composant / J. Bueche

Via Reiter’s News Service:

Twenty pieces of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have been discovered 220 years after he died.

The Vienna-based International Mozart Academy said yesterday that the compositions have been identified as works composed by Mozart in the year before his death. The works include 2 complete symphonies, a 28th piano concerto, a Masonic hymn, songs, and an opera based on the play The Stolen Kiss by Pierre Beaumarchais.

Mozart, who was born in Salzburg, lived from 1756 to 1791. He played the piano from an early age and began composing when he was five. He eventually created more than 600 works, including operas, chamber music, orchestral works and choral pieces.

You can listen to the finale to the Piano Concerto No. 28 in A major here.

2 Responses to “Lost Mozart Works Discovered”

  1. On 04/1/14 1:40 PM, Art Hoffman said:

    Appears this is some sort of a hoax and not a very recent one at that – note this posting several years ago. Alan – can you clarify all this?


  2. On 04/1/14 1:44 PM, Art Hoffman said:

    Looking at today’s date (April Fools), guess that was the basis for your post. Have to say though that my 92 year old friend a (true Mozart lover in New Mexico) will be disappointed…she would expect more gravitas from classical music stations.