Holiday Choral Festival


The 2013 Holiday Choral Festival will bring more excitement than ever before with four choirs: the Louisville Youth Choir and University of Louisville Cardinal Singers, and for the first time the Louisville Chamber Choir and American Spiritual Ensemble. Get your tickets here or at the door.

2013 Holiday Choral Festival
Sunday, December 8th at 7pm
St. Martin of Tours
639 S. Shelby Street, Louisville, KY 40202

5 Responses to “Holiday Choral Festival”

  1. On 12/7/13 11:44 AM, linda said:

    Is the concert at St Martin of Tours cancelled tomorrow? I have four tickets.

  2. On 12/8/13 12:40 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    No, the concert is not cancelled.

  3. On 12/8/13 1:00 PM, Judith said:

    So glad the concert is going forward!

  4. On 12/8/13 1:04 PM, Dorie said:

    Will the concert be broadcast at some time?

  5. On 12/9/13 1:00 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    December 25th at 8pm. The complete Holiday Specials schedule is here.