From The Top: On the Stage and In the Classroom

From The Top at Lincoln Elementary

From the Top, a radio show that features young classical music talent from around the nation, airs on Classical 90.5 each Sunday at 6pm. Listen below to 5 vignettes by Sara Soltau, our education programs manager, who spent time behind the scenes with the cast for the Louisville show. Hear the stories of High-Schoolers Aubree Oliverson, Ayana Teruchi, Clayton Stephenson, and Cole Gregory as they did outreach at Western Middle, Lincoln Elementary, YPAS, and Fairdale during the week of the Louisville show. Find out what the school kids learned from the visits as well as what the performers learned from the outreach.

Hear the Louisville show on Classical 90.5 Sunday 2/28/16 at 6pm.

Classical 90.5 partnered with The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts on this ambitious project which included a live-taping of NPR’s From the Top with host Christopher O’Riley in Whitney Hall on February 3rd as part of the Gheens Great Expectations concert, sponsored by The Gheens Foundation.  In addition, Classical 90.5 and The Kentucky Center worked with From the Top’s education outreach staff and JCPS to bring these outstanding soloists into four schools to bring their inspiring artistry to music students.

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  1. On 02/23/16 5:28 PM, Richard Dey said:

    I’m busy, but not too busy to catch this show. It just amazes me what young people today can do (and what underachievers we were 65 years ago!). All we had then was a local show of kids tap-dancing in princess outfits, boys trying to sing Ave Maria, and accordion players wheezing through simplified show tunes! Nowadays, they’re sailing through Bartok, Adams, and Prokofiev, the conservatories are involved in public schools, and kids are lined up for computer training in composition and counterpoint. The country may be in turmoil, but its music world is definitely on the right track. It’s actually seeing beyond the future. It’s encouraging; if we’re taken over by tyrants, at least we’ll be able to play in the pits of the world stage!