Music Education Programs

90.5 WUOL’s mission is to provide the region with free classical music and arts programs year-round. This vision thrives through our music education initiatives:


90.5 WUOL Audio, Radio, Podcast

listen to classical music, interviews, and event listings 24/7 on radio, podcast, smart speakers, and online


90.5 WUOL Instrumental Partners

contribute donated instruments, private lessons, and sectionals given to students in need


90.5 WUOL Young Artist Competition

compete in a musical contest for ages 8 to 18 for a chance to play live on our radio broadcast


90.5 WUOL Classical Corner

collaborate in hands-on music, visual art, theatre, and dance activities with your family


90.5 WUOL Learning

learn through music lessons taught in schools, preschools, community centers, settlement houses, and senior homes


52,948+ students impacted

15,912+ beneficiary concerts

1,500+ instruments donated

897+ classroom resources

149+ outreach visits

Managed by Jecorey Arthur

Supported by Louisville Public Media Members, PNC, Norton Foundation, and Metro Louisville Department of Economic Development / Louisville Forward