Classical Corner

90.5 WUOL Classical Corner is a popup activity area for families to play, explore, and learn the world of classical music. Our activities span from visual arts, theater, dance, and musical games, with limited prizes being given away.

Classical Corner occurs every WFPK Waterfront Wednesday 5:00-6:00 PM but also visits other community events.

All activities are facilitated by WUOL’s Music Education Manager, Jecorey Arthur, a certified music educator who has taught all ages across Jefferson County Public Schools and beyond. Arthur is often joined by collaborators including DrumSmart, Squallis Puppeteers, Compass Quartet, KMAC, and more.

Classical Corner is typically located near a performance stage – just look for our sign!

Classical Corner is free and all ages when you sign up at our information booth. All children must be accompanied by adults.

Composition Coloring – choose your rhythms and pitches, color them, and maybe even them live
Baton Making – design your very own maestro baton and use it to lead musicians
Orchestra Conducting – fast, slow, loud, quiet, step right up and conduct an orchestra
Puppet Play – dance, follow the leader, take a photo with giant puppets
Instrument Petting Zoo – brass, woodwinds, strings, or percussion, come try a new instrument
Drum Circle – grab a drum and make music on the spot
Music Games – use your musical skills to compete for a special prize