Famous People by Photographer Yousuf Karsh

Some photographs are familiar, like the one of Audrey Hepburn or another of Winston Churchill. Most are of famous people — artists, scientists and statesmen. These images are by Yousuf Karsh one of the 20th Century’s most accomplished photographers. Karsh died in 2002 at age 93, but in 2008, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts organized a visual biography of his work. Works from that exhibit are on display at the Speed Art Museum through June 27th. Louisville Public Media’s Elizabeth Kramer sat down with Jerry Fielder, who worked as Karsh’s assistant for nearly 30 years. Now, Fielder is the curator and director of Karsh’s estate.


Click below to listen to, or download, an audio tour of the exhibit with the Speed Art Museum director Charles Venable. (Length 27:28, 25 MB)

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