From the Top: Another Jaw-Dropping Moment…

Elizabeth Aoki and Chris O'Riley

From the Palace Theatre in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, this week’s From the Top (Sunday at 6pm), features a local 12-year-old pianist playing one of Aaron Copland’s most playful pieces, a talented 15-year-old cellist performing Schumann, and the fantastic Junior Division winners of the nation’s most prestigious chamber music competition performing from Leos Janacek’s String Quartet No. 2.

Here’s a taste of last Sunday’s show. Try this: hit play then close your eyes. You won’t believe your ears…

2 Responses to “From the Top: Another Jaw-Dropping Moment…”

  1. On 09/6/13 11:49 AM, Edith Rowland said:

    Love this Station

  2. On 09/6/13 5:01 PM, Daniel Gilliam said:

    Thank you very much!